Types of House Painting Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

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by Trevor.Huxham

Types of House Painting Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Several homeowners choose to do their individual house painting, instead of employing a painting contractor . This is a practical way to add charm to your house painting on a budget but often times people forget to take into account the tools they will need. To accomplish professional looking success you will need a lot more than a few brushes and several gallons of paint. The best way to figure out what you will need is to look at the tools a professional house painting contractor will use.

You’ll get a much better quality house painting job with these types of tools as well as you will save plenty of time and work in the process. Just keep in mind professional house painters are staking their livelihood on these equipment and if they are suitable for them, they will be a lot better than good for you.

Power Washers

To acquire the top quality paint job on the exterior of your property you first should clean it and a power washer is the best tool. You want a washer with a minimum of 25,000 psi to blast the dirt, mildew and mold from your exterior. These tools are great for driveways and walkways as well. Once you have done painting they are wonderful tools for wiping out paint speckles from your walk or driveway too.

Paint Removal

Before you can do your house painting task, you are likely to have to remove old peeling paint. While you could possibly visit the paint store and buy a scraper for a few dollars, it will almost certainly not be professional grade. Expert scrapers will be specifically designed for comfortable fit in your hand and to offer you better control. Many of these scrapers will present angled blades that provide you with the most paint scraping capability.


Paint Brush

Professional paint brushes are not likely to be inexpensive; nevertheless, you’ll be astonished at what a difference they create in the final outcome. Professional quality brushes are made to hold additional paint and leave no drag marks. These brushes will reduce the quantity of strokes you must use, reduce dripping and provide you with a high quality professional looking finish.

Power Sprayer

Have you discovered how swiftly professional contractors can finish a house painting task? Many of them use an airless paint sprayer, which enables them to shoot an whole exterior in a portion of the time. Paint sprayers supply a convenient way to get a smooth surface and they are 10 times quicker than making use of brushes and rollers. You can profit from using a instrument like this as well. Professional painters have much riding on supplying clients a excellent house painting service, but they also need to be quick about it so they can get to the next task. A
power sprayer provides them this ability.|You might want to think of using an airless sprayer for your house painting project. When you have a large area to cover, say the exterior of your house, this tool allows you to finish swiftly. You can assume a sprayer to perform about ten times quicker than more classic methods and provide you a smoother surface in the end. You may only be doing one house painting job, but bear in mind professionals risk their track record on speed and accuracy and this is the instrument they use to attain both. The better the work and the quicker they finish the more income they can make, professional painters have a lot to teach} you.}


If your ladder is considered a family heirloom because your great granddad used it for house painting make sure you place it away and call up a professional! An appropriate ladder isn’t just significant for the quality of your paint job, they’re absolutely necessary for your safety and well being. You are literally betting your life on toughness of your ladder so choose wisely. Professional equipment is intended to endure a great deal of use while maintaining the contractors secure, if they trust a certain ladder you may want to do likewise.

After the Paint

Once the paint is used you have some things to tidy up, are you all set? House painting cannot be attained without a little splatter and a sheet of plastic is seldom enough. At the end of your project, you want a professional looking exterior, clean walkways, driveways and yard and to do this you need a drop cloth or as many as the case may be. A professional drop cloth can mean the difference between a excellent looking yard or drive and a speckled Easter egg look.

Bottom Line

You can find places in life that you can cut corners or select the cheapest equipment on the market; unfortunately, house painting is not one of these areas. The paint you put on your houseis going to be seen by the whole world, or at least people who come to your community and you desire this to be a proud point in time. Choosing professional house painting gear will help you with this and any future painting projects you’ve got.

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