About Us

Jack Bellan provides homeowners in Lexington and Bedford Massachusetts with distinctly unique custom homes that are high in character, not cost. We are also committed to continually improving neighborhoods by designing homes that blend neatly with the landscape of a community. Though innovative design and efficient construction, we build extra value into every house we touch.

Jack Bellan is becoming widely known for a great build-to-suit program that can be offered on one of our many available lots, or on the lot of your choice. We provide a large selection of distinct home designs from which to choose, all of which can be easily customized to include the specific features and amenities you desire.

If desired, our talented design team is also available to help you with the design of a completely custom dream home. But regardless of the house size, design, style, or location, we believe that the construction of a home should be an exciting and enjoyable experience for the homebuyer. We’ve even developed a step-by-step process to help our clients stay involved, and get the most out of their relationship with us

While there’s no shortage of beautiful homes in Bedford and Lexington, we couldn’t help but notice that many weren’t built to best serve the way people actually live. We decided to do something about that, because we believe beautiful homes should be functional, too.

Our homes are typically marked by open floor plans that maximize space, optimize lines of sight, and most importantly, complement the day-to-day flow of family life.

Designed for the way you live

Think about the way you live. Most people have a routine they follow – paths and patterns in navigating around the house. A more open home just feels healthier because it flows better. High traffic areas require more room to move around, and should be easier to get to. Rooms where people tend to congregate should be flexible and feel comfortable. Specialty areas and custom architectural features provide design accents that contribute to the unique character of a home.

More value for your money

A lot of our customers come to us with a wish list, and make it our challenge to provide top quality at a reasonable cost. Working with the finest materials, we maximize home investment through design innovation and expert construction. That means no wasted space, and no wasted time. Efficiencies like these get our clients more for their money – a competitive benefit we pride ourselves on. Some might say we specialize in doing more with less, but we consider that just part of the job. We value value, and can’t help but build it into every one of our homes.

If you think you can’t afford the house of your dreams…Jack Bellan will make you think again.